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Gel Moment Nails

We love these products so much we decided to help get them to all of you! Gel Moment Nail Polishes set in 60 seconds, last up to 2 weeks and are 5-free! That means no lead, no latex, no solvents and no animal byproducts. That's great news for all my Vegan friends!! 

Change the world

So many things happening in society today make me angry, make me sad, make me want to tear my hair out and punch something.  But that won't change anything. It can feel like your one little voice is too quiet to cause a ripple, let alone a whirlpool of change, but all our small voices together can make a loud roar and often that's what needed to start to change the world.  Join us and help us rage against the injustices, the inequality, the sexism and the inaction.

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Save the Planet

Did you know that humans make up only 0.01% of life on earth but are responsible for the destruction of 83% of wild mammals.  Our waste is choking the ocean with plastic, our over consumption is decimating the earths natural resources and not enough people seem to care. It can seem like a huge task to try and reduce our impact on the environment but a few small changes made by many, can make a big difference. 

Make a Difference

More than 3 billion people worldwide are living in poverty, there are more than 12 wars or armed conflicts occurring at this very moment, mental illness effects 1 in 4 people.  Without the support of some amazing charities and people, the suffering of billions of people would go unchallenged and unchanged.  Here, we shine a spotlight on those people and organisations and give you a glimpse of how your generosity can change lives all over the globe. 



Behind the Scenes

Behind every good woman is…. well, a whole host of things. Behind this woman is a husband, 4 kids, a very large extended family and a chronic illness. Life doesn’t always run smoothly and more often than not I’m a hot mess. Come on in and get to know me, it’ll be fun!