A stunningly unique, luxe boho brand for carefree, whimsical women. Owned and run with love by Alex and Ryan Hutchinson, the bohemian lifestyle is the inspiration behind the beautifully designed and handmade products. Mahiya uses only ethically sourced leather and is crafted by local artisans in Bali.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Every Pura Vida Bracelet is carefully handcrafted by artisans around the world. The commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work. The artisan’s dedication to the “pura vida” way of life is demonstrated in the seemingly endless color combinations and innovative styles. Each bracelet is as unique as the person wearing it. Pura Vida also give 10% of their profits to support charities around the globe. 


Every yoga practitioner deserves beautiful equipment to practice on and that is exactly what Sugarmat Montreal provide. From home mats, travel mats to yoga bolsters, Sugarmat make it luxurious and beautiful.  What makes them even better? They are environmentally friendly! Each mat is made from 100% natural tree rubber and contains no toxic materials.  Sugarmat are also committed to giving back to their community and are frequently involved in events that promote social responsability.